The Rose Toy

rose toy
the rose toy
black rose toy
blue rose toy
yellow rose toy
pink rose toy
purple rose toy
rose toy
the rose toy
black rose toy
blue rose toy
yellow rose toy
pink rose toy
purple rose toy

Rose Toy – Original TikTok Rose Toy – 10 Modes Multicolor

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This is the original rose toy that is going viral on TikTok. This rose vibrator combines sucking and vibration in one toy. Made of medical silicone, it is safe and odorless for human body. Buy it on the official  website. Ships from the US with super fast shipping!


Material: Body-safe silicone + ABS
Stimulation Modes: 10 sucking modes
Weight: 117g
Size: 2.6*2.1*2,1 inches
Battery capacity: Lithium battery 3.7V/240mAh
Charging time: about 60min
Working time: 120 minutes
Charging mode: Magnetic suction USB charging
Maximum noise: <45dB
Waterproof performance: IPX7

How do I use it?

1.Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the G-spot vibrator.
2.A short press on the power button changes the vibration pattern of the licking. The clitoral vibrator has 10 different modes.
3.Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn off the sex vibrator.


How do I clean it?

Please rinse the main part with warm water and antibacterial soap and rinse with hot water. When cleaning, you should prevent the switch and power supply from being immersed in water, rub it gently with your fingers while rinsing, and do not use a brush or acidic cleaning agents to clean it. Finally, dry with a clean towel.

rose toy sucktion

rose toy vibrates on the water

how to use rose toy

Original TikTok Rose Toy
rose sex toy 10 modes
rose toy water proof



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What is Rose Toy

A sex toyknown simply as the “rose toy” has gone viral on TikTok, with fans raving about this suction vibrator's almost supernatural ability to induce powerful clitoral orgasms. We tested a rose toy for our guide to the best vibrators, finding that, yes, the toy lives up to its reputation.

How to use the rose toy?

First of all, lubricant is essential, and using it will make you more comfortable. First, open your labia, then use the rose sucking function, slowly sucking, starting with low intensity, if you feel the intensity is too low, slowly increase the intensity, until the increase to a strength you feel appropriate on it, without over-stimulation, especially the first time you use it, you need to use it gently. Or you can alternate between low intensity and high intensity.

Remember to always use a water-based lubricant to avoid overstimulation.

Is the Rose toy quiet?

Yes, it is quiet, does not have any noise. it’s barely loud. if you’re scared of it still making noise you can play some tv or music as background noise.

Is this rose toy alright for a virgin?

Yes you are a virgin, well you can use it. Rather it is more prevalent among Virgin (bachelors) because it can be used without doing it inside which is not painful. but only gives pleasure.

Can I use my rose toy in the bathtub?

Yes, definitely, the flower rose toy is 100% waterproof. You can boldly use it in bathtubs and pools.