Rose Toy Not Working: A Guide to Troubleshooting

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Rose toy has gone viral on TikTok, However, sometimes these toys malfunction, such as stopping working, not charging, not turning on, etc. This article will explore some rose vibrator problems and provide troubleshooting tips to help you fix them.  

Rose Toy Won’t Turn On

If your rose vibrator is brand new, there are a few things you need to do to get it working.

Not fully charged

If your rose toy is rechargeable, the problem is usually that it isn’t fully charged. 

Find the instructions inside the box, that will tell you how to charge it.

If it doesn't contain instructions, you'd better charge it for at least 2 hours

Travel lock activation

Some rose toys have a travel lock, if your rose vibrator still doesn't work, try holding down the power button for a longer time. About 5-10 seconds.

Protection paper

If your rose toy is a detachable battery design, after inserting the battery. It may have a protection paper that needs to be removed before use. This paper is typically located on the bottom of the rose sex toy and can be removed by gently pulling it off.

If none of these work, don't hesitate to contact the seller for a replacement.

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Rose Toy
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Rose Toy Extendo
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Rose Toy Not Charging

Sometimes the charging cable comes loose and needs to be reconnected. make sure that the power adapter and the magnetic charging base are not loose and that there is no dust or rust on the connection. 

If you use the power adapter of the smartphone, it may not be compatible with the charging protocol of the rose toy.

If you use a computer to charge the rose toy, the computer must be kept on.

The rose toy will blink or red light on when charging normally. After fully charged, the button will stop flashing or turn green. If the rose toy does not work even though the light is on, then the rose toy is faulty. 

Most of the faults we collect about not being able to charge are ultimately caused by low-quality batteries and motors used by some manufacturers, so replacing the rose charger does not work.

If you lost your rose vibrator charger, click here to buy a new one. If you buy from other suppliers, please make sure the charger and rose toy compatibility

Rose Toy Stopped Working

Faulty Products

As a trusted retailer, we take pride in offering quality products and exceptional customer service. If you receive a product that is not functioning as expected, we are here to help. Please make sure to review the instructions that came with your product, and if you have any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always ready to assist and, in many cases, we can resolve the issue without the need for a return.

Whilst we only supply products from reputable manufacturers, we do occasionally encounter faulty items.

Please avoid buying from scam sites: Rose Toy Official Scam

Give it a rest

If your rose toy is turned on but not doing anything, it might help to give it a rest for a few minutes. This will allow the motor to cool down and hopefully fix the problem.

Dead battery

The battery will be lost if it is not charged for a long time, we recommend charging it at least once a month

Bad rechargeable batteries have short lifespans. Don't buy cheap ones

Water damage

Not all rose toys can be used in the bathtub, their waterproof level is different, and some are only splash-proof and cannot be waterproof for a long time.

Please check the rose toy for any signs of damage or moisture buildup. If there is moisture present, it can be dried either naturally or with the use of a hair dryer set to a cool setting. If a hair dryer is not available, you may also try using silica gel, rice, or millet to absorb the moisture. Simply place the toy with one of these substances for about three days until dry.


Another common reason for a sex toy to stop working is that it is clogged. It is possible for it to become clogged with lube, body fluids, or even hair. run it under warm water.

Rose Toy Won’t Turn Off

leave it there until the battery runs out, the rose toy adopts a silicone one-piece design and cannot be repaired, please contact the seller for a replacement

Can I Repair The Rose Toy Myself?

Repairing an amazon rose vibrator that vibrates slowly due to the vibrating mechanism being stuck in place

Repairing a rose vibrator that has a faulty battery causing it to not charge or keep charge after being plugged in


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  • Hi my rose will charge and turn on but it’s vibration / sucking mechanism must be stuck. (It’s not the same toy as the one in the video above. Mine doesn’t have a tounge) I only had it a month.or two before this problem started.. Can it be fixed the same was as shown in the video above? Or should I attempt to get a replacement from the manufacturer? I bought it at a XMart and they won’t exchange it or refund it.

    Mrs. V. on
  • I got a rusted charger on my rose and it won’t charge. How do you clean it to make the rose charging again?

    Bree on
  • My rose has stopped working. I’ll charge it all day then when I turn it on it goes off right away, the light is on but that’s it.

    Jannell Franklin on
  • Hello to whom this may concern, I have an issue with my rose sex toy. I’ve had it for some months now and it’s been working great until now. It’s been on the charger all day, usually never have any problems but now it won’t turn on. The light comes on but it won’t turn on. Is there any way I can get some assistance? Thanks in advance 😌

    Ellisia Cathey on
  • My rose won’t stop until the battery runs out, what should I do?

    ella on

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