Rose Toy FAQs

Rose Toy FAQs

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Q: Can You Use The Rose Toy In Water?

A: Yes, The Rose Is 100% Waterproof, You Can Use It In Water. Underwater Is Still Working. You Can Use The Rose Toy In The Shower Or Bathtub.

Q: How Does The Rose Toy Work?

A Rose Toy is typically composed of two parts: a cup that goes over the clitoris, and a pump that is used to create suction. The cup is usually made of soft silicone or latex, and it will have a hole in the center of it. The pump is used to create suction between the cup and the skin, which pulls the clitoris into the cup. This can result in increased blood flow to the area, which can lead to increased sensation and arousal. 

Q: How To Use The Rose Toy?

The Rose Toy is the original Rose Toy that went viral on Tik Tok, and it is available in multiple colors. It has both sucking and vibrating functions. It is one key control, and here is the user manual:

Long press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the toy, you will know it is on when it vibrates.

Short press(one click) the power button to change the sucking vibration modes, and there are 7 levels available.

Put the sucking head to the body part you would like it to suck.

The long press power button for 3 seconds to turn it off

Q: How Long Does The Rose Battery Last?

On a full charge, you can use your device for up to two hours.

Q: How Do I Know If My Rose Is Charging?

Normally, it takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery. When Charging, the button of the rose sucking vibrator will keep flashing.

Q: How Do You Know When The Rose Is Fully Charged?

When fully charged, The LED indicator of The Rose Toy button will change from red to green.

Q: How Long Does It Take The Rose To Charge?

It takes 1.5 hours for the toy to be fully charged

Q: Can You Use The Rose While Charging?

No. Rose toy cannot be used while charging

Q: How Can I Charge My Rose Toy Without A Charger? 

Sorry, you can't charge without charger


Q: Does a rose toy really suck or just vibrate? 

Depending on the specific rose toy, classic rose toys both suck and vibrate.


Q: Do Rose Toys Emit EMF Radiation?

There is no scientific consensus on the potential health effects of exposure to the low-level electromagnetic fields (EMFs) generated by The Rose Toy. Some studies have suggested a possible link between long-term exposure to EMFs and an increased risk of certain cancers and other health issues, while others have found no evidence of such a link.


Given the limited data and conflicting results, it is difficult to say for certain whether cell rose toy EMFs are harmful to human health. More research is needed to better understand the potential risks and to establish safe exposure levels.

Q: Is the rose toy loud?

No. Rose toy maximum noise: <45dB. 45 decibels (dB) is generally considered a fairly quiet sound level. For context, the noise level in a quiet library is usually around 40 dB, while a typical conversation at a normal speaking volume is around 60 dB

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